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Take a Look at Chip’s Blog!

August 26, 2010

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Please take a look at my industry colleague Chip Wagner’s recent blog post.

His blog offers a different take on the data released recently by NAR. As Chip says “I hope you will read it and find a silver lining in the news of the day.  Things aren’t great out there, but today’s news casts a big shadow over what has been an improving year. ”
 Here’s to optimism!



Empathy is a Two Way Street

August 24, 2010

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From our industry colleague, Bob Carbonelle, RMR Move Management….

I have worked in and around the moving industry for close to forty years. The first half of my
career I was a mover – working in all manners of operations on moves and in warehouses.
Twenty years ago I founded Relocation Management Resources, a move management company
that orchestrates, manages, and audits moves for corporations, real estate companies, and
personal households. My extensive industry experience has exposed me to the good, the bad,
and the bizarre of moves, movers and customers.


As a move management company, we empathize with our client’s situation and endeavor to
eliminate stress by providing an organized, skilled, efficient move. However, even the most
flawlessly executed moves exert enormous pressures on individuals and families as their
lives are uprooted. Moving is fundamentally uncomfortable, exhausting, and stressful. These
pressures are only intensified during the summer months when contending with tight schedules
and summer heat. Sometimes we become so consumed with the pressures, finances, and timing
of our relocation needs that we forget we can impact the quality of service with a little kindness
and compassion for those laboring for us.

Consider this a peak season reminder that the success of your move is contingent on the
capabilities and willingness of your driver and crew to labor in the heat and humidity while
packing, carrying, loading, driving, and delivering your household goods. As you personally deal
with moving stress, I implore you to empathize for the movers laboring to execute your move.

A few words of advice to impact the quality and success of your move in the heat of the summer

1 . Be courteous. Practice mutual respect for your movers and they in turn will treat you,
your family, and your belongings with extra consideration and care.
2 . Provide cold drinks and napkins. Laboring in 90-degree heat and humidity is physically
draining on even the toughest of movers. Ensuring that your crew is hydrated with water,
Gatorade, or sodas will lead to a better quality of service.
3 . Show some style and spring for lunch! Surprising your crew with a few pizzas or
sandwiches will reinvigorate them to complete your job on time and on budget.
4 . Designate a bathroom for your moving crew to use and provide soap and paper towels
for them to wash up.
5 . Empower your moving crew to complete their job and defer to the mover’s experience.
Unless you yourself have experience navigating a large couch through a tight doorframe,
trust the mover’s judgment. There are only so many creative solutions to bend the laws
of physics. They have seen it all.

I still remember moves where clients treated me as a valued partner versus an indentured laborer. A
positive, respectful attitude goes a long way to extract the best quality service from your movers.
Whether you are moving into a luxury home or a third floor apartment, remember that you can
greatly impact your service and delivery with a very small effort.

Bob Carbonell


Survey Says: Renters not Properly Insured

August 16, 2010

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My colleague, Elizabeth Soley, brought this information to my attention.  Elizabeth owns Jacob Street Partners, an insurance broker to provide affordable options for foreign nationals working outside of their home country.  Feel free to contact Elizabeth at

 According to a recent survey of 1,400 apartment hunters around the nation, 67 percent of respondents do not have renters’ insurance — up from 58 percent in 2007. For as little as $200 a year these residents could have had their belongs replaced with little money out of pocket. Unfortunately most of those residents did not have proper insurance coverage and lost all or most of their belongings.

Elizabeth Soley, Jacob Street Partners

Elizabeth Soley, Jacob Street Partners


Where are the 20 fastest growing job markets?

August 13, 2010

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My friend and colleague, Paul Soley, is responsible for Real Estate Services operations in NY for Dwellworks. He recently shared these comments:

Richard Florida, author of Who’s Your City?, offers an intriguing list of the *20 fastest growing job markets  in the U.S. over the next 10 years. Migration, a subject near and dear to the heart of the relocation professional, follows jobs.

In “Who’s Your City?,” subtitled “How The Creative Economy Is Making Where To Live The Most Important Decision Of Your Life,” Florida takes aim at dispelling the myth of the Flat World by arguing that the most talented, creative and educated people “cluster” in mega regions around the world making the notion of place critical for economic and personal success. It is a fascinating and must read for anyone in the relocation industry. 

I gave it a read – and hope you do too!

Paul Soley, Dwellworks

Paul Soley, Dwellworks


Sad News for Chicago Real Estate

August 11, 2010

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As a proud real estate and relocation professional it is always upsetting to hear disturbing news about our profession.
Mary Ellen Podmolik reported in today’s Chicago tribune that “The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Tuesday that it had filed an administrative complaint against homeowners Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, real estate agent Jeffrey Lowe and prominent Chicago real estate firm Prudential Rubloff Properties. The agency charged that they violated the Fair Housing Act when the Sabbias backed out of a verbal agreement to sell their home to the Willborns, who are African-American.”
“It was what we considered to be a dream house,” Willborn was quoted to have sai; he is the co-host of the nationally syndicated radio program “The Michael Baisden Show.”

 He further was quotes as saying “I was appalled.  The feeling that my entire family has, it’s hard to describe. You’re talking about 2010. I don’t know if people realize it, but we elected an African-American president, so it’s not asking too much to be able to live where we want to live.”

Read the entire article here.

Technology lets you view photos at full screen!

August 10, 2010

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 As recently reported on – The website now includes a button that enables VHT digital photography ™  to be shown in “Full Screen” mode.

 This truly takes the search experience to the next level, and is another “first to market” for teh 155 year old firm.

Next time you search, press the “View Photos Full-Screen” button & see what the buzz is all about!


Things to do TODAY in Chicago

August 8, 2010

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Personally, I’m way too old for Lollapalooza.  But if you’re into that sort of thing…’s a great day for it.

But for a mature (i.e. gray haired) guy with a checkered shirt, whose cd collection skews toward Sinatra, Prima and Martin, please grab the kids and some chianti in a wicker covered bottle and head over to one of Chicago’s oldest and coolest neighborhoods – Little Italy / Taylor Street – for Italian Fest!    

This is a great neighborhood.  And authentic!  My grandfather owned a shop right on Taylor in the 1920 when it was truly the gateway for Italian immigrants to “the city that works.”  In fact, I still may have his alarm system (that would be his single shot shotgun that was kept under the counter!). 

Some of Chicago’s best loved restaurants, including RoSal’s, Pompeii Bakery and of course, Mario’s Italian Lemonade stand, sit on famous Taylor Street.  So come on by, hear some great italian music, and help yourself to a nice italian ice.

Oh, and when “pa” had his store there, the premier real estate company in Chicago was a nice family owned shop run by the Baird family – Baird & Warner has been selling real estate since 1855….

John D'Ambrogio loves Mario's Italian ice

John D