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The Shift in Real Estate Technology and How It Helps in Relocation

August 17, 2011

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John D’Ambrogio

I just read a fantastic article by WAV GROUP entitle “The Shirft in Real Estaet Teachnology” and I think it has a great deal of insight for those operating in the relocation corner of real estate.

The key points are that….

Products must be EASY to use – If your clients (we all have clients – transferees, receiving brokers, agents, managers, relocation counselors) can’t figure something out on their first or second try, they’re’ moving on.  This is especially true of your website!

Products must provide comprehensive connection – To data, to other services offered – Make sure your relocation program, property search program, whatever (!), is seemless.  The client needs one stop shopping, a “dashboard” with all the important items at their fingertips.

Evangelize and train – Even if you are an agent, work with your client on your “easy” search program to make sure they understand it, and offer add’l follow up as needed.  I don’t know how many transferees I know have worked with one company but actually did their searches “on the sly” with another company’s website because it was more intuitive.

As a relocation company, broker, or agent – Commit to technology.  They said it when the printing press came along, when gunpowder came along, when autos came along, when pop rocks came along (OK, not pop rocks) and it has pretty much always been a good idea.  Once it becomes clear that a new idea is a gamechanger, guess what – It already has changed the game!

Most importantly, remember this formula: Data + Ease of Use = VALUE PROPOSITION

Read WAV Group’s excellent article right here.


technology – embrace it, make it simple – win the fight