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A nation of movers….

December 29, 2014

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John D’Ambrogio


America is a nation of movers. While populations of past eras frequently lived and died a few miles from the place where they were born, American people today are considerably more nomadic.


Every five years, approximately 75% of the population relocates somewhere — either within their own state, to another state entirely, or even out of the country. Over the course of a lifetime, your average American will live in anywhere from 11 to 13 different homes.


With all that moving comes a lot of stress and uncertainty. Moving can be a complicated and nerve-wracking enterprise. Families with children and pets to think about can face even greater challenges.


Unfortunately, many of those lists of “moving tips” you see everywhere focus heavily on the importance of packing boxes and making checklists. An orderly packing crate and a crossed-off list of to-do items can be very satisfying, but they won’t tell you how to help your kids handle the move, or where to make friends once you’re settled in your new home.


Areavibes, a website devoted to bringing a more “human element” to the moving experience, wanted to make a list that reflected less on the mechanical details of moving to a new house, and more on the steps that can make moving to a new home a joyful, exciting experience. In short, something you can’t always get from a checklist.


With that goal in mind, Areavibes gathered a wealth of first-hand information from real bloggers with a wide array of moving experience. They condensed that powerful expertise into one monster list of moving tips.


The authors of this list have moved a combined total of over fifty times, spanning twenty states and three countries — and each of them have the kind of first-hand moving advice you won’t get anywhere else.


These 105 items can help you transform the stress of moving into the exciting, life-changing step it should be. So enjoy, and happy moving!


ifty times, spanning twenty states and three countries — and each of them have the kind of first-hand moving advice you won’t get anywhere else.


These 105 items can help you transform the stress of moving into the exciting, life-changing step it should be. So enjoy, and happy moving!






This infographic is brought to you by the team at AreaVibes, a site that helps you find the best places to live. For more relocation advice, check out 105 Tips for a Successful Relocation.




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John D’Ambrogio

Think Chicago’s Clark Street ends at Wrigley Field?  Think again, and head on up north to Andersonville.  A part of the greater Edgewater community, it is anchored by local (read non-chain) shopping, dining and sipping, mostly along Clark Street north of Foster.

Settled by the Swedes after the Chicago fire, Andersonville still retains its ethnic flavor.  Celebrate the solstice each year at the mid-sommar fest, complete with a Maypole and folk dancing!  And someone help me with why you have a maypole in June.  In winter check out the Julmarknad Christmas Bazaar and grab a herring, or some falukorv (google it)!

The housing in Andersonville?  In a word – lovely.  You have your typical sturdy chicago brick corridor and courtyard buildings, along with hundreds of beautiful (and beautifully maintained) single family homes.  They’re not inexpensive, and definitely are for those who want the space of a home and the convenience and vibe of city living, and are willing to pay the price.

So  where to enjoy a great meal or a cocktail in Andersonville?

I won’t hold it against them that my first drink with my former in-laws was at The Hop Leaf.  Great food to munch on, but the star is 300+ beers, with 40 on tap.  I’m not a beer guy, but I’m told that’s a heady list!

If beer isn’t your thing, fear not, walk up the street to the Coffee Studio for impressive baristas and Intelligentsia coffee! They take their coffee SERIOUSLY.

Hands down the best Lebanese food around, like I have been going back there decades after leaving the neighborhood – Taste of Lebanon – a tiny family owned restaurant run by people who care.  Great for carry out.  Maybe don’t bring a date there. They leave a few newspapers around to read if you’re sticking around to eat.  Pretty much falafels and lentil soup, but man oh many – try it!  Just scroll through Yelp! and try to find an unkind word about this place!

And if you’ve been to one place up there, it’s Ann Sather’s.  Which would be a good choice if you want a filling, fantastic breakfast, and probably the only place around still serving lingonberries! Swedish dining at its best.  They have a Lakeview location, but try the original at least once.

After your pancakes, visit the Swedish American Museum, an homage to Swedish immigration to America.  Great little community museum.

Apparently I used to live in Andersonville.  Not according to most of the residents of Andersonville, or of Ravenswood (where I really lived), but according to the Chamber of Commerce.  This is as good a place as any to mention (again), that when in Chicago you are often simultaneously eating your chicken wings or walking your dog in two to four different neighborhoods, depending on who you ask (real estate agent, old timer, new timer, merchant, etc.).  So it’s good to note that Andersonville is kissed by Ravenswood, Uptown, Lincoln Square, and of course Edgewater.  But that, of course, depends on who you ask.

Fun little side note – Just north of St. Boniface’s at the south end of Andersonville, walk by 1345 W. Argyle, the site of Essanay Studio. This was the studio of the little tramp himself (Charlie Chaplin), one hundred short years ago….


Sick of Turkey yet? Eat up the latest Chicago Real Estate Stats!

December 1, 2014

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John D’Ambrogio

Sick of turkey yet?  Well sit back (unless you’re cyber monday shopping) and see how this year’s end is going to compare to “Comeback 13!”