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June 30, 2010

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A recent article on had an amazing article on staging!  It brought up a number of points that you should consider when staging luxury real estate in Chicago.

For instance, it makes the comment “poor stagers believe life is unfair, while rich stagers feel life is what you make it.” It goes on to point out that the “poor” way to look at it holds a feeling of entitlement (I paid a million for this house and I NEED to get a million out of it), while the “rich” way is to look at the market TODAY, and use tools like staging to maximize your chances of getting the highest price in the shortest amount of time in TODAY’S market. By improving the appearance of their real estate they’re becoming “market makers;” by pushing the image of their home higher in the minds of potential buyers. 

The article goes on to propose that one’s unconscious beliefs about money and their ability to have it may be at the root of why some people fail and some thrive. Maybe a little deep for an article on staging. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read, and a great article to review before staging your  Chicago Luxury real estate!



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