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Guess what? Even luxury homes can look…less than gorgeous

April 20, 2011

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John D’Ambrogio

When preparing to sell your luxury home - keep in mind the challenge that the rest of the market is addressing – buyers today want everything perfect! When viewing two homes of equal quality, the cleaner, less cluttered, sharper looking home will win out every time. And in today’s economy, with market days higher than ever, no price range in immune.

Focus on three main areas – “curb appeal” (if you have a house) or some front facing outdoor space; and two main areas on the inside – the kitchen and the bath. A bathroom that is not sparkling can immediately take the charm off a million dollar property. And a freshly cleaned, well lit and sparkling kitchen is an immediate eye-catcher. These are two rooms that do NOT need to look well-used.

Oh, and get out the vacuum cleaner and dust rag everywhere else.  After you declutter!  The same rules apply to high end as they do to the rest of the market!


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