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Design your luxury home for your buyers

April 13, 2011

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…And that means go easy on the stairs! A report by AARP  reported here in RIS media indicates that 25% of baby boomers plan to move in the future, and a number one concern is a more comfortable home on ONE level. 

What does that mean for luxury sellers/builders? Well, the “first floor master” has been around for some time and is going to become even more essential. But does it mean that boomers are going to be out of the market for the mansions that line Chicago’s Goldcoast and Streeterville? Perhaps. Not to worry, these neighborhoods still are some of the most densely populated areas for high-rises in the city! 

Elinor Ginzler, senior vice president of AARP, notes “While boomers will reflect the patterns of earlier generations and mostly age in place, the sheer number of boomers will increase demand for a whole variety of home and community options.”

Almost 60% commented that they want their next home to be all on one level, and half are looking to downsize. So in today’s market, buying a luxury high-rise today might make for a fantastic resale in the not so distant future!