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Empathy is a Two Way Street

August 24, 2010

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From our industry colleague, Bob Carbonelle, RMR Move Management….

I have worked in and around the moving industry for close to forty years. The first half of my
career I was a mover – working in all manners of operations on moves and in warehouses.
Twenty years ago I founded Relocation Management Resources, a move management company
that orchestrates, manages, and audits moves for corporations, real estate companies, and
personal households. My extensive industry experience has exposed me to the good, the bad,
and the bizarre of moves, movers and customers.


As a move management company, we empathize with our client’s situation and endeavor to
eliminate stress by providing an organized, skilled, efficient move. However, even the most
flawlessly executed moves exert enormous pressures on individuals and families as their
lives are uprooted. Moving is fundamentally uncomfortable, exhausting, and stressful. These
pressures are only intensified during the summer months when contending with tight schedules
and summer heat. Sometimes we become so consumed with the pressures, finances, and timing
of our relocation needs that we forget we can impact the quality of service with a little kindness
and compassion for those laboring for us.

Consider this a peak season reminder that the success of your move is contingent on the
capabilities and willingness of your driver and crew to labor in the heat and humidity while
packing, carrying, loading, driving, and delivering your household goods. As you personally deal
with moving stress, I implore you to empathize for the movers laboring to execute your move.

A few words of advice to impact the quality and success of your move in the heat of the summer

1 . Be courteous. Practice mutual respect for your movers and they in turn will treat you,
your family, and your belongings with extra consideration and care.
2 . Provide cold drinks and napkins. Laboring in 90-degree heat and humidity is physically
draining on even the toughest of movers. Ensuring that your crew is hydrated with water,
Gatorade, or sodas will lead to a better quality of service.
3 . Show some style and spring for lunch! Surprising your crew with a few pizzas or
sandwiches will reinvigorate them to complete your job on time and on budget.
4 . Designate a bathroom for your moving crew to use and provide soap and paper towels
for them to wash up.
5 . Empower your moving crew to complete their job and defer to the mover’s experience.
Unless you yourself have experience navigating a large couch through a tight doorframe,
trust the mover’s judgment. There are only so many creative solutions to bend the laws
of physics. They have seen it all.

I still remember moves where clients treated me as a valued partner versus an indentured laborer. A
positive, respectful attitude goes a long way to extract the best quality service from your movers.
Whether you are moving into a luxury home or a third floor apartment, remember that you can
greatly impact your service and delivery with a very small effort.

Bob Carbonell