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Industry Experts Speak at Inman Reboot, Chicago

October 22, 2010

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Inman’s recent “reboot” in Chicago featured a fantastic session – “Going Local: What Does It Take to Win in Chicago Real Estate?”

Panelists included this blog’s own John D’Ambrogio, VP Director of Strategic Development, for Baird & Warner.  D’Ambrogio focused on the “web is dead” theory – That while the internet may be alive and well, “the web” or reliance on google, has waned in the past years.  One historic date mentioned was March 13th, 2010, the date that Facebook surpassed Google in weekly hits and activity.  Why is that important in both the real world and the real estate world?

It means that online is a lot more about “getting” and a lot less about “searching.”  As they say – “there’s an app for that.”  Consumers may start their day checking facebook, then, email, then “gmail,” then their weather app, their favorite news via a self-selected news feed (rss), and work through a “dashboard” all day at work, and listen to “pandora” instead of the radio.  The KNOW where to be online and once they find their personal cache of tools they tend to remain on them and let those tools find the news/weather, updates, real estate listings, etc. for them.

This evolution speaks to the migration of sites built for laptops (let’s not even discuss “desktops”) to those built for phones (iphones, droids, even “old fashioned” flip phones and blackberries) and now the lightening migration to iPads.  Mobile internet adoption is in fact 8x faster than regular web adoption growth was.

For real estate professionals, it means consumers want it FREE, ADAPTABLE, and ON THEIR TERMS.

This means they never pay for access, they can access properties on multiple devices with ease, and they have real estate IDX options (meaning they can search without registration). 

Does your real estate agency give you those things?