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Steve Baird named one of 2010′s most influential real estate leaders

January 10, 2011

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A few notes from Seun:

A few people would agree that 2010 was a year when the bleeding in the economy stopped. In spite of that, Chicago’s real estate businesses still found transactions hard to come by. The real estate industry, as always, was severely hit. Sales shrunk and growth, if at all, increased very marginally. On the flip side, it was business as usual for some distinguished entrepreneurs and CEOs. Our very own Stephen Baird was ranked in the top 100 real estate personalities of 2010. This would not come as a surprise to observers of the real estate sector. As President and CEO of the largest real estate company in Chicago-Land (and 13th largest in the US), he has taken Baird & Warner to the next level. People are born with different DNA compositions but his is of a real estate blood line entrenched in the family for the past 155 years.

Away from the business side of things, the first observation upon entering the company is the display of diversity evidenced by mixed demographics. For Stephen Baird (and Baird & Warner as a company), this transcends the Equal Employment Opportunity; It is a tradition which the firm has imbibed over the last century and remains a core value. Going forward, the only expectations are greater accomplishments and accolades. It’s January 2011 and counting!

Steve Baird Chicago Real Estate

Steve Baird Chicago Real Estate


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