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How transferees and homeowners can survive the Chicago blizzard of ’11

February 2, 2011

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Ah, a snow day!  As I drink my cappuccino while the kids play angelically and we look out over the frozen tundra formerly known as Chicago, I have a few thoughts for transferees, then homeowners, to survive the Chicago blizzard of ’11:


*Postpone your househunting trip this weekend

*Don’t be afraid to wear those big Russian fur hats

*Consider the joys of condo living

*Research the towns that have alleys instead of driveways

But seriously, homeowners should take these precautions:

*Have your heating system checking in the fall, not the winter!

*Wrap exposed basement pipes

*Locate the water shut off valve, in case pipes burst

*Don’t shovel if you have a bad ticker (the last blizzard in ’99 was the cause of 40 fatal shoveling related hard attacks).  Reat a great article on the here.

*Keep plenty of blankets; candles and flashlights (um, with batteries) on hand

*After the worst is over, clear snow from doors/windows/roof/window wells to avoid leaking

Beyond that  – Put on the aforementioned big Russian fur hat, plus longjohns, grab the kids, find a hill, and enjoy!


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