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Realty Biz News calls the best Chicago real estate brokerage a “no contest” issue

February 4, 2011

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Writer Phil Butler, Realty Biz News (whom this author does NOT know), recently published a fantastic article entitled “Chicago Realtor Competition No Contest” in which he analyzes and critiques all the major players in Chicagoland.  Having worked at two of them and knowing the players at almost every other, I read his article with great interest.  What does an objective voice have to say about the best of the best in Chicago real estate?

No one was spared accolades (when deserved) or criticism (when merited).  Butler correctly focuses on the use of digital tools as a main element of a brokerage’s success and competitive advantage. To quote him “Digital engagement is, after all, often a good indicator of brand and public engagement.”  How true!

Here are some of his comments on (as he puts it) “The Chicago Five:”

Baird & Warner – “Clearly the most respected, most visible, and after a bit of scrutiny…most digitally aware of Chicago’s real estate companies.”  Butler backs up his comments with objective background – website awards, facebook fans, social media presence.

Rising Realty – While they rank second in google, Butler kindly notes “even the agents look as if they just walked in off the street.”

Koenig & Strey – A perennial player in Chicago, Butler notes that “Sadly, something seems to have stopped or reversed this company’s forward momentum.”  While I’m loathe to compliment the competition (just joking), having implemented a digital media strategy with Mark Pullinger before we both left Rubloff, I must say that I think they are in good hands in the marketing department!

Prudential Rubloff – Given that I worked many years for Howard Weinstein and was very involved in many of their initiatives pre-Prudential, I’ll refrain from commenting.  But I will quote Paul – “Arthur Rubloff, the founder of this company, would be proud on the one hand, and maybe a bit disappointed on the other.”

@ Properties – “Probably would have done nicely during the dot com era…How this agency got in the top 10 google results in a mystic.”

I reached out to Paul after the article, and he says he calls them like he sees them.  I like that honesty!  Read his article and please post some comments, I’m sure this will wake up the industry!




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