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Need info quickly? Text “BW” to 59559

April 5, 2011

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Baird & Warner, the nation’s oldest real estate firm, recently launched what can only be described as one of the coolest, EASIEST tools to gather “on the fly” information on housing.  Have you ever been in front of a property wishing you could see the inside or know the price RIGHT NOW?

You have a way to do that – With Baird & Warner’s Texting Solution, simply text BW to 59559 and instantly receive information and photos on your mobile device.  You will received text and basic listing info, and photos, on your smartphones or cell phones for any active property in MRED.

Here’s how it works…Mr. or Ms. consumer texts BW to 59559 and receives a response text in which they can click the GPS link – which displays listing info and pictures of the five closest listings for sale/rent to their current location, or they can text back the address for the same info.  Once your GPS is locked in it gets even easier – You can move on down the street and click “refresh” in front of the next home of interest.

I know, I know, QR codes are way way COOLER, right?  Maybe they are, but are they universally and easily accessible?  I know all the COOLER people who read this blog have a very advanced smartphone (and blog, and have 800 linked in contacts, etc.).  That is great, but here is a chilling statistic – only 1/3 of the phones in the market are ‘smart,’ and to gain universal acceptance in 2011 I’m afraid we still need to acknowledge that people (not you, of course) use what my children refer to as “old time” phones.  Now my image on an old timer phone was one where you picked up the phone and asked Clara to connect you go HUdson 3-2700, but that’s another story.

So grab your phone (smart of dumb) and start shopping!

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