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When you wish upon a star

February 7, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

…makes no difference who you are – a bad real estate market can still affect you.

That seems to be the fate of the childhood home of Walt Disney.  The property, at 2156 N. Tripp in Chicago’s hermosa Park, was the childhood home of the young boy who went on to create “the mouse” and an empire.

Elias Disney, Walt’s dad, built the home in 1893, the same year as the City The Works hosted its own magical kingdom on the south side – The Columbian Exposition (where Elias worked, as a matter of fact).  The property was purchased by its current owners for just under $200k, and is now listed at $179k, a significant drop.  While it may not posses the charm of Cinderella’s castle, I’m surprised that no superfan syndicate has arisen to purchase this shrine to the man how made so many dreams come true.