Chicago Relocation

Get to Trotter’s, if you can!

May 25, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

If you’re a Chicago transferee and in a C-Suite, chances are you were wooed, or did some wooing (wooing?) yourself at the world class, world famous Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago.  Well, Chicago native or not, check you bank account and make reservations (if there are any left), because Mr. Trottor is closing his eponymous restaurant after he celebrate’s its 25th year on….August 25th.

Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, Trotter’s has been a pillar of fine dining, with its menu-a-day changes and award winning wine cellar.  I had the privilege of visiting that cellar a few years ago with colleague Jim Kinney as we were entertaining some friends from NAR.  I think the rule is if you spend more than a mortgage payment you get the tour.  We were probably good for two tours after that evening.  But well worth it!

Mr. Trotter plans to pursue a master’s degree and eventually return to the restaurant business.  His “Trotter’s To Go” restaurant will remain open.