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What Do You Do With A Bunch of Old Pallets?

May 18, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

….you build a house!  Well, maybe it’s not the best transferee home, or very good for Chicago winters, but it’s a great concept that is gaining some traction as affordable emergency housing.

The idea – Take pallets – you know, those wooden things that hold “stuff” and are hoisted around by forklifts, and use them as a modular tinker toy set for building a home!  It’s really quite ingenious.  They’re made of wood, they are modular, you can use the space in between to blow in insulation, they are raised up from the ground, and there are MILLIONS of them around, many going into garbage bins and landfills.

A prototype build by I-Beam shows how practical it can be.  And artistic.  And architecturally compelling!  Quite cool actually.  Use it for the walls.  Use it for the ceiling.  The floor.  The bed.  These portable homes could be the answer to “tent housing” that usually accompanies disaster victims.  It’s a great idea!