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Searching for leads….Or is that an Inquiry? Or a Prospect?

August 15, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

Chicago Agent magazine recently published an intresting article on lead generation that my fellow relo e-commerce geek friends may be interested in – “What’s The Competition Doing?”  

Baird & Warner, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, Weichert  and Realty Execs were all interviewed for the article.  Your humble author was privileged to represent the first company.

To summarize, here are some of the different views:

Baird & Warner – Prefers Homegrown Leads, incubates
Baird & Warner system uses the company website as the central hub of lead generation, prefering “homegrown” v. “purchased” opportunities.

As I mention in the the article – “Not all inquiries are immediately considered leads;  rather, Baird & Warner’s …customers are sorted into three distinct categories: ‘inquiries,’ ‘prospects’ and ‘leads.’ While leads represent definite buyer intrigue in a specific property, inquiries and prospects are more general and tacit, requiring added effort, nurturing and, ultimately, cultivation before they become bonafide leads.”

Coldwell Banker – LeadRouter
Coldwell Banker’s uses a program called  LeadRouter, which is a part Coldwell Banker’s website & partner sites distributing “leads”  automatically. At a request for info – ” LeadRouter will … capture the lead, (and)… trigger an email or text alert sent directly to the agent with the listing.”

Realty Executives – Includes relocation firm leads
Realty Executives noted that they generate “45 leads a month per brokerage,” and describes their lead distribution to agents as being “as far as possible.” They go on to indicate that the leads are ” Captured online and through information provided by relocation firms.”

RE/MAX – Direct to Agent
RE/MAX, boasts that it has generated  1.5 million total leads at its Northern Illinois website alone (no timeline given). It claims leads from a large variety of sources –  Online, mobile, QR codes, and listing promotion links.  Each lead  goes back to a RE/MAX agent who “ultimately profits from the lead.”

Weichert, Realtors – Call Center
The Weichert Lead Network is actually a 60 person national call center that “fully inspects all leads before they are delivered to sales associates” and claims a minimum 5% conversion rate.  After scrubbing – they hand off just over 40% of their leads to agents.

So as Agent Magazine describes, there are many many ways to handle, process and distribute “leads.”  Which way do relocation professionals feel is the best?  I’m happy to post your comments here.


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