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Relocation 2.0

October 24, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

Here are some comments from Baird & Warner’s own Tom Gill.

Frank Patitucci of Mobility Magazine wrote a great article about the future of relocation and how technology will affect it. Below are some excerpts and some of our comments.

The world of technology is fast paced, and literally changing all the time. Soon after I purchased the newest Iphone, I was already 2 generations of newest technology behind. My younger sister’s elementary school has a cart of Ipads that students use to learn, and more and more things that used to be done by people are being converted into machines. Frank Patitucci points out several examples of this in his article The Next Generation of Relocation Services in Mobility Magazine. He writes that Bank tellers, travel agents, and stock brokers are all becoming less relevant due to the influx of ATM’s, online travel websites, and stock trading websites.

While the business world is always growing and changing, I have trouble seeing a day where technology completely replaces a relocation service. The process is too involved for an app to simply come in and replace what a relocation consultant can offer. An app cannot provide an opinion, or think and adapt to the wishes of a client. An app can never provide the personal relationship that working with an associate can bring.

That’s not to say however that business apps and mobile technology will not change the way we work: it almost certainly will. As technology improves, so will the method in which we conduct business and the process in general. Hopefully, it will make parts of relocation progression easier and simpler. I’m not a technology expert, but I don’t think technology will ever be able to completely replace a role that is so focused on human relations; at least not any time soon.