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Relocation 20 Questions

December 19, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

Here are some comments from Baird & Warner’s own Tom Gill.

Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes wrote a great article about things to consider before relocating homes. Below are some excerpts and some of our comments.

Moving to another city or state for a job can be a difficult decision, and there a vast number of uncertainties to consider, and not every part of the decision making process has the same importance for everyone. Before you make your decision however, Forbes has laid out 20 questions you should ask yourself before you relocate for a job.

While all of the questions are important, not all of them will be important to you. For example, a single person with no children will not be as concerned with school districts as someone who has kids will be. It is up to you to ultimately decide if relocating is the right choice. Career coach Deborah Brown-Volkman writes “You relocate because you want to, and not because you should. If you’re apprehensive or feel it’s a bad choice, don’t do it.”

If you do decide that relocating is the correct move for you, the next step is to research the area you’re moving to. If you’re relocating to Chicago, Baird & Warner had done all of that for you. They can provide you with an agent, and a number of tools to help you find the perfect place to live, with their Lifestyle search page. You rank all that is significant to you in levels of importance, and then Baird & Warner filters your desires into neighborhoods that most fit your description. From there, you can access listings and agents in that area.


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