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Budgeting for a Future Listing

October 14, 2013

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John D’Ambrogio

Some comments from Baird & Warner‘s Elizabeth McGrath

Planning on moving in a few years? Looking to renovate your home but not sure where to start?  The following list is the three areas we suggest to fix, update or replace now in order to get the best price for your home down the line.

The hardware – The dishwasher, fridge, furnace, water heater, these all come first. Figure out what is going to need some restoration and what will need to be replaced.  The key here is to keep the appliances in the kitchen consistent.  They don’t have to all be stainless steel but don’t collect a rainbow hodgepodge.

The bones - Roof, gutters, windows, layout etc.  Styles and trends come and go and majority of home buyers acknowledge that.  They look beyond the paint color to the structure and layout of the property.  So instead of installing the flashy, new insert current trend here take time to secure the roots of the home.  Schedule the necessary updates well before an inspector or agent is involved.

The energy – Technologies such as programmable thermostats, insulating the house and caulking the exterior are all at the top of home buyer’s lists.  Not only that, these updates can also save you money now.

Budget your time, resources and, most importantly, your money.  Effective, purposeful renovations can pay off whenever you approach the market, plain and simple.