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Atlas Van Lines Relocation Survey Show an Optimistic Future

July 11, 2012

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John D’Ambrogio

Atlas Van Lines announced the 2012 relocation survey results and the findings are optimistic. For the past forty-five years Atlas Vans Lines, one of the nation’s top moving companies, asks leaders in the relocation industry about their past year of business and their forecast for the upcoming business year. Bottom line for 2012; companies and executives are invested in and confident about a stable future in relocation business.

Results You Should Know

  • 92 percent of executives surveyed expect the U.S. economy to stay the same or increase in 2012.
  • 26 percent of companies plan to relocate more workers this year than last.
  • 86 percent of companies will spend as much or more on relocation in 2012 than in 2011.
  • 65 percent of firms are offering relocated employees full reimbursement more than lump sum or partial reimbursement.

The numbers are very strong across the board for questions such as anticipated performance of U.S. Economy, anticipated relocation volume, lingering mortgage/housing concerns, and anticipated performance of U.S. real estate market. However, there are some outsiders who continue to have reservations. One of the main reasons employees decline relocated positions is due to their concerns about housing or mortgage instability. Such worries should be relieved due to the strong numbers found in the 2012 Atlas survey.

The 2012 numbers are much higher than that of previous years – particularly 2009 where anticipated performance of the U.S. real estate market was at 41 percent. While the numbers may not universally be at the highs of 2005, industry leaders have solid confidence in relocation’s constancy and development in the improvement and stability of the economy. That confidence from the people directly involved with the everyday of relocation combined with predicted economic success and the increasing number of companies relocating positions should give anyone with the opportunity to relocate to do so utilizing the resources offered from optimistic industry leaders.

Some comments from BW Intern Elizabeth McGrath