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Fact: Complete Relocation Services Make your Transition Easier

January 9, 2013

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John D’Ambrogio

The following is an article from Bobby Russell, Content Manager of American Auto Move.

The process of relocation can no doubt be stressful, but when a relocation service does its job correctly, the negative impacts on you and your family can be significantly mitigated. We’ve found that complete relocation, including the transfer of your family’s most cherished and familiar goods, can go a long way to making the adjustment to your new surroundings smoother and more pleasant.

Any relocation firm worth its salt will do everything possible to ensure the comfort of your move, no matter the duration of your stay. And for relocation within the US (and in certain cases, even international relocation,) the transfer of your vehicle to a new home can make a positive difference in how you and your family adjust.

We recommend that you keep a checklist of what services you most value from relocation companies. Here’s a sample of what your list might look like:

  • Completeness – Does your relocation firm provide a full service, including housing accommodations, schooling arrangements, and anything else you might consider necessary to make your new house a home? Consolidating all of these services through one agent will makes the transition from one city to another almost seamless.
  • Accuracy – If you’re paying for your own relocation, it is necessary to have an accurate quote. Do not rely on quotes that you receive over the phone only! The only way for a relocation or moving quote to be accurate is to have a mover manually exactly what you plan on taking with you.
  • Transportation – If you’re relocating to a city like Chicago, you may not necessary need to ship your car. But if you’re moving to a more rural area, it’s important that you receive adequate transport. Again, keeping as many of your familiar possessions as possible makes a big difference.

The process of moving can undoubtedly take a toll on you and your family if it is not handled in a professional, thorough manner. This makes it all the more important you choose from the best relocation companies available to you. If you do make the right choice, we guarantee you that it will make a big difference. Demanding that agents live up to your expectations help to keep relocation services competitive.




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