Chicago Relocation

what should you look for when relocating to or from Chicago?

November 28, 2008

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What should you look for when relocating? Obviously one of most important choices is your agent. A good “marriage” of client and agent is essential. But how do you do that? Most Chicago real estate companies have a relocation team that helps make that decision based on a phone or email consultation.

What about the back-end support that your agent will provide? Here are a few of the elements you should look for in your Chicago real estate company, whether you are looking for a home or selling your home
Consider their technology. Find a leader in marketing technology. Here is a sample of programs and support systems that you should look for:

A website that incorporates features that home buyers love, such as:
• Integrated map search
• Map local businesses and institutions with lifestyle mapping
• Save searches and receive email alerts
• Search quickly without registration

The website should also be able to viewed on mobile devices so you can call up listings while walking through the neighborhoods looking at properties. In addition, each listing should have its own website and has its own unique web address displayed on the ‘For Sale’ sign

All listings should be professionally photographed and quickly and automatically distributed to many different portal websites.  Ask you agent if they employ a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization program including adwords, keywords, metatags, blogs, and social networking ensuring that your listings are coming up first in web searches

In addition, make sure you agent has access to an ecommerce manager who can work with them on social networking, “eblast” programs & blogging to help you promote your listing if you’re going to be selling your property.

In Chicago‘s competitive real estate market, make sure you have a relocation deparemant and agent that work for you!