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The Final Stretch: Making the Most of Winter’s Last Breath

February 20, 2013

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John D’Ambrogio

Some ideas from Baird & Warner’s Elizabeth McGrath

By now the charm of drifting snows, colorful knit scarves and warm hot chocolate by the fire have worn away.  I know.  It’s freezing, there’s slush raining down from the sky and the last thing you want to do is trek outside in snow shoes.  But the fastest way to get through these final winter weeks is by enjoying the many events Chicago has to offer.  Rain, snow, sleet, or shine there are unique and fun things you should be doing.  (Mad Men will still be on your Netflix Queue awaiting your return. I promise.)

What the Tour Guides didn’t Tell you: A Chicago Review  – (T, Th, Sat, Sun)  The famous Second City’s revue of Chicago pokes loving and hilarious fun at the windy windy city touching on everything from the beloved Cubbies to those infamous politicians.

Ice Skating at Millenium Park or Wrigley Field - (Through March 10th) The winter Olympics are less than a year away and what better place to practice your double axel than in front of some of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks?

Concerts – (all weekdays and ends) Muse, Yo-Yo-Ma, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Passion Pit are all coming to Chicago within the next few weeks along with pretty much any other band, troupe, group, set, or ensemble you can imagine.

I Love Lucy Live on Stage – (Through March 17th)  Be a member of the “live studio audience” at the I Love Lucy Show.  Slip back to the 1950s watching commercial breaks, the live band and of course the crazy antics of Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel .

Chicago Irish Film Festival – (March 1-6) Chicago hosts one of the few Irish film festivals in America where you can view both short and feature films as well as enjoy opening and closing ceremonies at Lizzie McNeills.

Creatures of Light: Nature’s Biolominescence – (March 7-Sept 8) experience magical plants, bugs and animals that literally light up.  It’s a flash ahead to those muggy summer night watching fire flies.

Chicago Garden Show - (March 9-17) Dip into spring with Navy Pier’s displays of fresh flowers, trees and waterfalls.  Or enjoy original culinary presentations including the cake decorating regional finals contest.

Animal Inside Out – (opens March 14) This updated version of Body Worlds offers a look behind (and inside) the animal world.  Analyze the blood vessels of a shark, peer into a rabbit’s brain, and examine the muscles of a towering giraffe – creepy.

Big 10 Tournament United Center – (March 14-17)  With weekly upsets, physical big men and flashy guards the arguably best division in college basketball returns to Chicago for their conference tournament.  It could be anyone’s game come Selection Sunday.  (Biased note: it’s Indiana’s game.  Let’s see some Oladipo Zeller magic!)

Get out there. Enjoy our fabulous city.  Even if this weather isn’t your cup of tea there’s so much to do between now and when the river is dyed green it would be a shame to miss it.  Plus, spring really is right around the corner…