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Truly Exponential Times

December 3, 2008

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We are truly living in exponential times – Please click on this video  and think about a few of the facts presented!

Is there a market for relocation in Chicago Did you know that if you’re one in a million in China, you’re one in 1340 in the US?

Is there a market for relocation?

The labor department estimates that today’s kids will have 10-14 jobs under their belt by the time they’re 38! Why?  Technology’s growth, for one thing.  Consider that for students enrolled in a four year tech school – a full half of their education will be outdated before they graduate!

In the five minutes it takes you to watch a video on mtv – 67 babies will be born in the US; 274 in China; 295 in India…and 700,000 songs were illegally downloaded.

I think it’s time to buy some investment property!

Enjoy this Video!


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