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Your 2009 will be what YOU make it!

December 26, 2008

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RIS Media’s recent post – click here brings up some great points when looking for a relocation agent to help you sell your home in Chicago – For each agent working the Chicago real estate market 2009 will be a year of self fulfilling prophecy.  It will be what they make of it.  As Mike Parker says “Your 2009 will be what YOU make it. The sky is not falling and you can be sure that many people will succeed in 2009, just as many continue to succeed, even now.”

So when choosing an agent, ask them what they think of the 2009 market and how, within the parameters of the market, they can sell your house.  It’s ok if they’re “bearish” on the market, as long as they have a plan – aggressive pricing, online promotion, etc. – to counter it.

You can ask them some questions on how they will market your Chicago property – Do they have a personal website?  Does their company aggressively invest the dollars (and more importantly – the time) in search engine optimization?  Will your listing have its own personal landing page on the website?  Is their site mobile-enabled?

An optimistic (or at least focused and realistic) agent is a valuable asset.

I try to draw this parallel: I’ve been skydiving a few times in my life – each time I’ve jumped “tandem” where you’re strapped to the instructor.  I’ve always asked – “Are you optimistic about this jump?  Are you and your girlfriend in a fight today?”  If either answer is “no” I would suggest finding another instructor!  You’re both in this together. So make sure your agent is optimistic about selling your home, or seek out a new one!


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