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The RP – Rogers Park

August 12, 2013

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John D’Ambrogio

Holding up the north side of Chicago’s lakefront is the very real and very cool community of Rogers Park.  This area is not just some El stops before you get to Evanston.  Rather Rogers Park is a vibrant community.  For me, it’s one of the few lakefront communities that still has life-long community members.  Members who were born there, grew up in their family’s home, and stayed there through their adult lives. This isn’t to say Rogers Park isn’t home to many newcomers.  It’s actually one of the most diverse communities in the city.

One of the major perks of Rogers Park is that it’s not beaches, lakefront parks, local joints (none of which are overcrowded) all surrounded by a culturally diverse set of residents.  They say (well these guys say) that 80 languages are spoken among 60,000+ residents.  I believe those guys.

A big presence in Rogers Park is Jesuit Loyola University. The lakefront campus is one of Loyola’s six campuses throughout the country.  Loyola is a major employer and a major presence in this community.  Not to be forgotten, the 1962-1963 Loyola Ramblers are the only basketball team in the state of Illinois to win the NCAA championship.  A true pride for our city.  The Ramblers defeated the top ranked two time defending champions, Cincinnati, in a legendary underdog story.  (Think what Butler almost did in 2010.)

Just nine miles north of downtown, Rogers Park is connected by the Red Line and a number of bus lines making it a very affordable, very accessible community where you can live without a car and still easily get to where you need to go on a daily basis.  You’ve got great stock in both Victorian homes and vintage condos.  They even have a surviving FLW home – The Emil Bach House (not open to the public unfortunately).  

Not surprisingly the community is a bit more compact right along the lake in East Rogers.  Head out further west you are looking at single-family homes on decent sized lots.   Just another great example of the diversity of housing you can find in a small area.

Great food choices include Heartland Cafe, Candlelight pub (on the west end), Gulliver’s for knock out pizza, and the CLASSIC Cap’n Nemos for subs!

Rogers Park may not have the panache or popularity of some of the sister neighborhoods to the South but when you’re there you know you’re in a real live Chicago ‘hood.’