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Lifestyle searching with Dave Collins

January 19, 2009

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My friend and colleague Dave Collins shared some eye-opening insight with his recent  blog post entitle “Imagine if you will” in which he discusses the not-so-imaginary concept of “lifestyle searching” in which the tail doesn’t quite wag the dog the way a typical search for Chicago real estate might pan out.

While there is obvious logic in basing your search upon price/size/etc. his point (which certainly will ring true for transferees) is that, even when guided by relocation counselors and co-workers, many transferees truly don’t know the areas they might want to focus on.  It’s ironic that he compares the “olden days” of the 80s as an approach we in the new millennium should be focusing on.

I look forward to reading beyond his teaser introduction blog post on this subject!  Since Dave represents onboard I have the sneaking suspicion we will hear a lot of good information about lifestyle search/mashing/and letting the lifestyle drive the search!


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