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Who Knew?

September 1, 2014

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John D’Ambrogio

A recent article by Kiplinger News Service Author Cameron

Huddleston listed some interesting (?) things that your insurance usually covers.  I hope I never need #7, but am grateful for it anyway!

1 – Rodent damage – to your auto!  Typical auto insurance covers those nasty chewed up wires under ‘other than collision’ damage.

2 – Riots.  Home owners and auto cover you if the riot gets a little, um, too close for comfort.  Terrorist attacks, but not not a ‘war’, are also covered.  So the whole ‘war on terror’ is now a confusing phrase to me.

3 – Defense Lawyer.  I was very excited to read this, as I basically put my divorce lawyer’s kids through college.  But alas, it is only for a claim if there is an accident involving home or auto.

4 – Dorm room theft.  That is a total ‘who knew?’.  But yes, your kids’ ‘stuff’ is covered while they are away from home!

5 – Dog bites.  In fact, over 30% of all insurance liability claims originate with an over excited Fido.

6 – Meteorites.  This falls under ‘damage caused by falling objects’.  Even if it falls on your car.

And my favorite….

7 – Volcanic eruption.  Good thing, I am traveling to Pompeii this summer, so bring it on, Vesuvius!