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Not Easy to Find Chicago on this Info-Graphic – America Moves West and South?

June 13, 2015

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John D’Ambrogio

I ran across this very very cool info graphic from the Spare Foot blog.  I was pretty surprised at how far I had to scroll down to find my fair city.

Did you know that Chicago is NOT one of the fastest growing cities or metro areas?  It also was not listed as one of the fastest growing “big cities” — Although including Cary NC (pop 151K) and  Muphfreesborough TN (117K) as big cities is a little….confusing?

Nor did we make big cities with biggest density increases.  Sipping my morning ice coffee on my Printer’s Row deck I see about 1000 new units being planted between me and Roosevelt Road.   Nor did we make most densely populated areas.  For that, I’m surprised.  And grateful!

If you’re patient and go to the very very last visual, you’ll see something nice – Chicago IS a top ten destination for incoming moves!  Given that my firm has closed over 6 billion in transactions the last twelve months, I’m not surprised that a few came from out of town!

It looks like west and south are the waves of the future!  Although ask any Chicagoan, we seem to like it here.  Well, don’t ask us in January….


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