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Should you ask your agent if they’re a twitter?

March 17, 2009

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Or a twit?  Twittee?  Not sure of the proper name here.  HOWEVER, the point is if you’re relocating into our out of Chicago you really should ask your agent if they’re promoting your listing via social networking — Facebook (yes, my agents get leads on in, and the savvy ones post their listings and open houses there); syndicating your video tours to; using Linked In (by feeding blog posts about your listings there) and finally – TWITTER.

It takes awhile to get over the self-importance one must place on themselves to write micro-blogs and send them to their “followers.”  However, the truth is – 11% of online American use Twitter,  according to a research report conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project in December and released today. The number in November was 9%. In may it was 6%.  I wish my stock portfolio was showing those increases since May.

Someday we’ll chat about the really weird ones lik Hulu and Veoh.  By the time I write about those, they’ll probably me mainstream as well.


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