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April 3, 2009

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My friend and colleague Ben Ivory, Senior Vice President/General Manager at Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide was kind enough to share these comments on staging.  While they are adaptable anywhere, these are certaingly timely comments for anyone relocating to Chicago or relocating from Chicago:


These days, having a home ready to sell prior to it going into the MLS is more important than ever.  In many markets, staging has become a strategic marketing tool to compress the cycle time of the listing date to the close of escrow.  Whether you stage the property yourself or use a professional stager to assist you many successful real estate agents encourage sellers to “de clutter” their home prior to sale. 


Logistically the seller has a few options to store items when they follow your advice to “Stage for Success”!   


1) Rent a Mini Warehouse or a POD: 


- Many facilities are available


- A seller can usually find one that is close to their residence
- They are typically reasonably priced


- The seller has to invest their time and labor for the physical move

- Risk of injury to the seller and or individuals that assist with the move

- Risk of damage to the sellers home.  Walls, floors, etc…
- The seller needs to rent a truck as well as provide pads and protection

- No insurance coverage
- Possible damage to those nice furniture pieces and your home

- POD’s don’t provide a good “image” and aren’t compatible with many city locations.



2.) Use of Graebel.  A Professional Moving Company:


- The seller’s items will be placed in containerized storage

-  Furniture will be handled by trained and certified professionals
- Professional movers are skilled to get more into less space which saves money

- The seller can invest their time in other areas to prepare their home for sale

- The seller will not have to worry about the risk of injury to their family or friends
- Accessible to city and high rise locations
- Transported in enclosed vans
- Graebel will be responsible in the unlikely event of loss or damage to the goods and or home
- The home/apartment will be professionally protected

- Monthly cost typically lower than mini warehouse or POD’s
- Only to those that don’t experience the difference! 




At Graebel we provide a home staging support service where we pick up items in advance of the home listing.  We provide the transferee with a complete inventory and condition of the items.  We take extra care in protecting the home, floors, banisters, elevators against possible damage.  All items are stored in containers which can be eventually delivered to the new home.  There is a reason that Graebel is the preferred mover to Corporate America.  Experience the Graebel difference today!

 Ben Ivory, Graebel Relocation


Photo: Ben Ivory, Graebel Relocation






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