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Back to Basics! Words of Wisdom from The Relocation Team at Edina Relo Team!

July 10, 2009

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Back to Basics!

Remember way back to 1980… when you handwrote cards and letters, made a trip to the post office to mail them with a stamp in order to have written communication. You made phone calls to home phones and sometimes got an answering machine that you weren’t’ sure about leaving a message on but did anyways? You leafed through hundreds of pages in the MLS books to find just the right homes for people…

OK, it wasn’t the dark ages and there were technological advances that we started taking advantage of. Yet now, digging deep into our past, and using all that knowledge … that’s what makes the difference in our company. Agents are reconnecting with some of the basics in the way we use to handle Real Estate communications.

Real Estate transactions are a very personal and emotional experience whether you are the seller or buyer. In an age where technology rules our industry, as well as every other field, we find remembering and getting back to the basics is making a difference.

We are discovering that in a time where communication has never been easier, instead of just an email. Picking up the phone to have a real conversation with someone at the other end of the phone isa lot more personal, meaningful and tends to last longer. We are taking the time to really listen to our clients, all to create a lasting, long-term connection.

As a company wide initiative, we are holding more Open Houses, reaching out and meeting our client’s face to face.  We share recipes, games, puzzles, and experience, realizing how important life-long client relationships are.

Technology is a good thing. It makes our lives easier and helps in our day to day activities. It elevated and educated us as consumers. It is a moving entity that we need to be changing with.  Yet, basics…   we are in the business of sales. Communication, availability and follow through are the key to closings.  We’ve had a great spring, we sold 40% of our inventory in two months and look forward to and are excited with the upward movement in our market. We are doing something right!

If you need assistance with moves into or out of, Minnesota, Western Wisconsin or Fargo North Dakota, contact us at Edina Realty Relocation.


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